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Autodesk SketchBook MOD APK (No Ads, Unlocked) 6.0.4 | Apps2App.Com

Autodesk SketchBook MOD APK (No Ads, Unlocked)

From quick sketches to fully finished artwork, Sketchbook goes where your creativity takes you. The Sketchbook Mod APK can be used for anything from simple sketches to fully created works of art, depending on your imagination.
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August 05, 2023
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Autodesk SketchBook MOD APK (No Ads, Unlocked) can be used for anything from simple sketches to fully created works of art, depending on your imagination.

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Autodesk Sketchbook Mod Apk (No Ads, Optimized) Sketchbook is an advanced drawing app that allows users to sketch ideas and concepts using dozens of tools, colors, and palettes to create stunning materials. So, the app is packed with tons of surprises to help users always have something on their minds and unleash the full imaginative potential of the app.

Start sketching from your ideas

Its features and options make this app more than just a drawing tool. The fact that it can communicate with other devices to improve the user’s drawing skills and make them more accurate and beautiful is quite amazing. Additionally, the app’s sketching tools are extensive and flexible, covering a wide range of applications and user needs. All features of the application are available with just a few clicks or taps. For a more satisfying experience, users are given the option to customize the app to their specific needs.

Experience Customized Color Options

The application’s color palette is so extensive and includes so many sub-categories that you can create unparalleled and vibrant color combinations. It’s important to note that the app has a dedicated color guide, and each color swatch comes with detailed instructions on how to achieve the desired effect. Additionally, you can customize the color quality within the app by adjusting the sliders or entering numbers corresponding to the colors you want to use.

The most interesting and shortest drawings

The app’s realistic and colorful hints will be a pleasant surprise for any artist in the field. The user’s fingers do not act as a brush, but the user can manipulate the brush. This gives you more room to work while maintaining precise brush control. Additionally, users can change the look of these brushes by customizing their tips, colors, and effects. The functionality of the app is rich and excellent. Users are free to create whatever they want, and it supports even the simplest brushes as well as cutting-edge tools to enhance the quality of her strokes. When users see a quill, they are motivated to draw more accurately.

A powerful set of drawing tools

Quickly use the application’s drawing tools to complete the sketching process with professional strokes that add vibrant color to any image. This system is extensive and deep. These drawing tools let you add the color you want to any image. The advanced engagement of the tools can refine and sharpen your strokes and automate certain tasks. You can create unique strokes in your paintings by making various adjustments to the sketch tools.

The sketch at different levels

The app’s most notable feature is the layered sketches, allowing users to create a large number of sketches more easily without affecting the entire project. This gives you more flexibility to add details and combine them for even more beautiful effects throughout your sketch. Layers are customizable so you can easily create numerous projects and sketches and perfectly use layers to create complete and beautiful drawings and sketches. With this app and its features, the limit is your creativity.


  • Professional-grade drawing tools: Pens, brushes, markers, and other tools that mimic traditional art supplies and allow you to create digital art with ease.
  • Customizable interface: The ability to customize the interface and arrange the tools in a way that works best for you.
  • Layer support: The ability to add multiple layers to your art, which makes it easier to organize and edit your work.
  • Symmetry tools: Symmetry tools that let you create perfectly symmetrical drawings and designs.
  • Image tracing: The ability to trace images and convert them into vector graphics, which can be edited and resized without losing quality.
  • Cloud integration: The ability to save, access, and collaborate on your projects from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Export options: The ability to export your artwork in a variety of file formats, including JPG, PNG, SVG, and more.
  • Brushes library: A large library of brushes, including oil paint, watercolor, ink, and more, each with its unique properties and behaviors.
  • Sketching and coloring tools: A variety of tools for sketching, coloring, and shading, including pencils, markers, and airbrushes.

What's new

• [Android 11 and 12 only] Changes to Android data policies require migrating your Sketchbook data to a new folder in Pictures.
• Updated Color Editor and Color Library
• Color Sets are a new method of creating and storing palettes of swatches
• Custom Gradient for generating 9-swatch blends of 2 selected colors
• HEX color values field to allow copying and pasting color across apps
• Bug fixes and performance improvements


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