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Sleepzy MOD APK (Premium Subscribed) 3.22.1 | Apps2App.Com

Sleepzy MOD APK (Premium Subscribed)

Sleepzy, the smart alarm clock and sleep tracker, finds the optimal time to wake you, delivers nightly sleep statistics, and detects whether you snore.
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January 19, 2023
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Sleepzy, the smart alarm clock, and sleep tracker find the optimal time to wake you, delivers nightly sleep statistics, and detect whether you snore. These tools and more help you sleep well, monitor your sleep behavior, and create healthy habits toward wellness. This sleep pattern tracker and alarm clock analyzes your sleep cycle and notifies you if you have a sleep debt. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, this sleep app will help you sleep better and bring you quality rest just like your favorite pillow.

Sleepzy Mod Apk (Premium Subscribed)

What is Sleepzy?

Sleepzy is an application that aims to help users get a good night’s sleep by taking different steps. You should be able to set a bedtime and get into the habit of waking up feeling perfect every morning. At the same time, in some cases, the user can follow the instructions provided by the application and record what happens during sleep to learn about sleep problems.

Users will be able to find quality sleep through the steps from the app:

  • Users can create a routine when going to bed on time to have a good mood for the new day and maintain this good habit every day.
  • Each of your sleep data is carefully recorded, and you know the sleep quality metrics that you will need to pay attention to.
  • The data follow in the graph provided by the application, and with different colors, you know the increase or decrease in sleep quality.
  • The application provides much soothing music to help users fall asleep faster than focusing on entertainment at night.
  • Some features are unlocked when users use the premium version, such as recording what happens while you sleep and removing ads.

Sleep Analysis

This smart alarm clock delivers a thorough sleep analysis of the user’s sleep, records your sleep cycle, and makes recommendations on what you can do to sleep better. Simply place your device next to your bed and this sleep tracker will use the microphone to analyze your sleep cycle tendencies.

Sleep Diary

Want to find out how your daily routine influences your sleep quality and eventually sleep better? Start your journal with a Sleepzy alarm clock to observe correlations between your sleep patterns and daily activities. Add notes about your activities during the day to see how they influenced your sleep. Whether it was a fancy dinner, a morning run, or anything that may impact sleep cycles – put this note down in the ‘Sleep notes’ section and keep it directly on the app.

Snore Recorder

Did you make any specific sounds overnight? Hard to guess! This sleep app has a perfect solution – a sleep monitor. It measures and tracks if you snore while you slumber and identifies factors that may be impeding your sleep. A snore recorder also helps identify things you can do to sleep well.

Listen to the right music to help you fall asleep

One good way to fall asleep quickly is a playlist of soothing songs. You shouldn’t be browsing your favorite websites or watching high-engagement videos while you’re asleep. At the same time, listen only to soothing music and let your body relax until you fall asleep. Listening to soothing music will surely help you fall asleep. 1. Sound tracking during sleep

If you’re wondering what you’re doing while you sleep, you should use the app’s features. Specifically, it can record all kinds of noises while you sleep, and even tell you when you wake up during your sleep. It can be repeated in the record, so you can get an idea of ​​what went wrong. Once everything is stable, focus on setting a proper bedtime.

Remove ads when using the app

When using the app’s features, please note that some features will be unlocked when you unlock the premium version of the app. One of the benefits many people want is the ability to use all features without ads. Therefore, your use of the application’s features will not be blocked by advertisements that affect your sleep-tracking results.


Sleepzy Mod APK helps users get a good night’s sleep through useful customizations provided by the app. Know your sleep quality and track important factors during your sleep. Start monitoring what affects your sleep cycle to get enough hours of rest tonight! It’s time to sleep better and wake up refreshed and energized! Try Sleepzy – the innovative sleep cycle tracker and sleep talk recorder!


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