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Undawn APK (Full Game) 1.3.8 | Apps2App.Com

Undawn APK (Full Game)

Explore, adapt, and survive in Undawn, a free-to-play open-world survival RPG for mobile and PC developed by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite. Embark on an adventure with other survivors four years after a worldwide disaster where hordes of infected roam a shattered world. Undawn combines PvP and PvE modes as players fend off dual threats of the infected and other humans as they fight to survive in this apocalyptic wasteland.
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Level Infinite
July 01, 2023
5.0 and up
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Undawn APK (Full Game) is a game you can play on your phone or computer for free. You have to explore, change, and stay alive in this world. It was created by LightSpeed Studios and published by Level Infinite.

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Undawn Apk (Full Game)Go on a journey with other people who survived a big disaster four years ago. In this disaster, lots of infected creatures wander around in a world that is broken. Undawn is a game where players fight against infected and other humans to survive. It has both PvP (player vs player) and PvE (player vs environment) modes.

Stay alive in your own way.

Become really good at going for long periods of time. Keep your house safe along with your friends and the little number of people left against very tough challenges. The game Undawn has a big world that looks very real because it was made using special software called Unreal Engine 4.

In this game, you have to weather all sorts of weather like rain and snow and keep an eye on your character’s health and mood indicators like hunger, body type, vigor, health, and hydration. If the environment changes, it can affect how well creatures can survive right away. Players can choose how their character looks and what clothes they wear. They can talk to other players to trade weapons and things they need. They have to fight to keep the things they have safe.

Discover a big world that is open for exploration.

Go and explore a big map that has different areas like fields, caves, deserts, wetlands, and empty towns. Each place has different kinds of living things like animals, plants, and different types of weather. Players can find fun ways to play the game in different places like buildings, forts, and special missions that happen each week. Players have to be brave and travel around the continent to learn how to make tools, use different weapons, build a place to live, find people to help them survive, and try their best to stay alive. Sick people can come up unexpectedly while you are exploring and can be very dangerous to your survival.

Make the broken things like buildings or structures new again.

Make a new home and community using people’s knowledge. Customize where you live and survive with others in a large one-acre house. The strong and free system for building lets you choose from over 1,000 kinds of furniture and buildings and helps you expand your town as time goes by. Look for other places where people live and work together to stop the virus from spreading and protect your own home.

Join forces to stay alive.

Get ready to succeed as a member of the famous Raven Squad. The raven is a bird that people think is a sign of bad luck and death. However, it can also mean that someone can predict the future and have a good understanding. Your team experiences these two things every day and night. After a bad thing happened in the world, it has been four years and the people who lived through it have separated into groups with their own ways of staying alive. Fight against the Clowns, Eagles, Night Owls, and Reivers for land, and survive until the next morning.

Get ready for the end of the world.

You can keep your home, friends, and what is left of human beings safe from danger by using different types of weapons and armor for yourself and your place. Apart from regular weapons, players can also use other tools like close-combat weapons, flying robots, pretend bombs, automatic machine guns, and other things to make the game fair. Pick from over 50 vehicles to make fast deliveries and explore new territories. Use tactics that fit the environment to defeat the monsters in different parts of the game.

Play the way you want.

Explore more and create your own methods to survive in the world of Undawn. Find out how to have fun during an apocalypse by playing different games and doing activities while you try to rebuild your life. You can choose to race in a Grand Prix competition, fight with a cool mech, or even make your own music in Band mode. It’s up to you.


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